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OLIN Leading the Way in
Quality Assurance and Software Testing Solutions.


Start meeting
your goals.

Get rid of those terrible bugs on your software before they bite.

Hey! If you're looking for your software to run flawlessly, we're your best choice!

At OLIN, we're like preventive superheroes, catching bugs before they ruin your day. We start right when you do, saving you time and money, so... Relax and let us be part of your dream QA team.


We’ve got your back, making your software shine like a star.



We’ll help you save time and money

Peak Software

Using the best software development practices, we’ll help you keep your product sharp.

Test Before Text

We are problem-preventive driven. We can start testing your product before writing a single line of code.


 We’ll do cross-browser & multi-platform testing on your product making sure it works perfectly in any device.



So, don´t be shy

Set an appointment with us so we can take a look at your product.

Wondering what’s next?

Step one.
The Assessment

Tell us all about your software product, your core values, objectives, and deadlines.

Step five. 
Let’s start!

Once you’ve approved everything, we’ll schedule our bug report meetings with you so we can start testing your software product right away!

Step two. Protecting
your information

We’ll sign an NDA to ensure your software product’s information is in the safest of hands.

Step three. 
Walk-through session

Let’s schedule a meeting where you can walk us through your product and share any necessary credentials and documentation to help us understand your needs better. (Otherwise known as requirement analysis meeting)

Step four. 
Test plan & SOW

We’ll create a customized test plan based on the insights gathered during the walkthrough session, and provide you with a Statement of Work (SOW) for your review and approval.

Keep in mind, the more you engage right from the start of our collaboration, the smoother and more relaxed the process will be down the road.

Our firm believers.

These are the clients that trusted us with their amazing products and we are all happy about it.


OLIN is not only a team for control, supervision and verification of internal development, for us it is the audit of good development processes, the peace and tranquility of having products on the market with great quality and efficiency, it is external support, a ally and advisor of the best development practices, is the savings in production times of our products. Thank you!

-Rodrigo Gallego, CEO SIVAT Technologies.-



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