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Quality Assurance & Software Testing Solutions by OLIN

Ok, so this is all we have in our tool belt.

testing services

Automated testing is your robot sidekick, quickly and efficiently ensuring software performs perfectly. It's like a speedy software superhero, catching bugs early and guaranteeing top-notch results

Manual testing services

Manual testing involves real humans hands-on exploring software just like a user would. It offers a human touch to catch unique glitches and assess user experience, acting as a reliable detective to ensure your software's quality

Hardware testing services

Hardware testing is your gadgets' health guru, ensuring every component runs without hiccups. It's all about keeping your devices reliable and at peak performance, preventing those dreaded tech meltdowns when you need them most.

API testing services act as guardians of digital communication. They focus on ensuring software components interact flawlessly through their interfaces. By validating data exchange and catching issues early, they maintain the integrity of digital handshakes, ensuring a seamless digital experience.

API testing services
Salesforce testing services

Salesforce testing is your business's safeguard, ensuring the platform operates seamlessly to empower your sales and customer service teams. It fine-tunes your operation's heart, ensuring optimal performance and goal achievement in today's competitive market.

Algorithm testing services

Algorithm testing is the software's puzzle-solving guru, ensuring the logic behind each process runs accurately and swiftly. Think of it as giving your software's 'brain' a thorough checkup, guaranteeing top performance and satisfied users. It's all about optimizing software intelligence to its peak potential.

Mobile App testing services

Mobile testing services are the personal trainers for your apps, ensuring they function seamlessly on various devices and platforms. In our mobile-centric world, they guarantee optimal performance and user experience, preventing issues and negative feedback. They keep your app fit and user-ready.

Performance testing services

Performance testing is your software's fitness coach, ensuring it handles heavy workloads with ease. It's the key to guaranteeing lightning-fast response times and reliability, meeting user expectations in today's swift digital world. Think of it as prepping your software for a marathon, ensuring stamina and top-notch delivery.

Ux/Ui testing services

UX/UI testing is your digital decor advisor, ensuring your software looks sleek and feels intuitive. It crafts a user-friendly and visually appealing digital space, making users feel welcomed and eager to return. It's the magic touch for user engagement and lasting impressions.

Location testing services

Location testing services act as your app's global guide, ensuring consistent performance across diverse geographies and network conditions. They validate GPS accuracy, language adaptability, and time zone handling, ensuring your app delivers seamlessly, wherever users may be.

Usability testing services

Usability testing is your digital board game trial, ensuring apps and websites are intuitive and fun. It's like a focus group for your software, spotlighting areas of improvement for a seamless user journey. It's the key to crafting user-friendly experiences and gaining loyal, satisfied users.

DevOps testing is the bridge between development and deployment, ensuring swift yet stable software delivery. Acting as peacekeepers, they catch issues early, ensuring an agile and efficient process. It's the secret sauce for a seamless, well-oiled software development journey in our tech-driven world.

Dev Ops testing services

AI testing services are the vigilant mentors for your AI systems, ensuring they act accurately, ethically, and safely. As AI becomes integral in our daily lives, these services act as its ethical and performance guardians, ensuring it benefits all without any bias.

AI testing

SAP and enterprise testing act as the backstage crew for big businesses, ensuring intricate software systems run flawlessly. They're the guardians of corporate efficiency, preventing errors and letting companies shine in their main performances.

SAP & enterprise testing services
QA consulting & analysis

QA consulting and analysis are your project's co-pilots, ensuring everything runs perfectly. These quality detectives scrutinize processes, spot bugs, and guide you towards a standout final product


Let us give you the scoop on functional and non-functional testing


Functional testing is all about making sure that your software does what it’s supposed to do. It checks if the features and functions work correctly. Like, if you’re building a chat app, functional testing would ensure that you can send and receive messages without any hiccups.


On the other hand, non-functional testing is more about how well your software does its job. It looks at things like performance, speed, security, and usability. So, it’s not just about working, but working well. For instance, non-functional testing would check if your chat app can handle a large number of users without crashing.


Why are important functional testing?

Well, functional testing ensures your software meets its basic requirements, and non-functional testing makes sure it's a smooth and enjoyable experience for users. Both are essential to creating software that's reliable and user-friendly. It's like the yin and yang of software testing – they work together to keep things running smoothly.



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